Our Passion

Our values and mission that inspire us every single day

Our BOS Story

In December of 1999, the business that Sandi and Robin worked for went under, and everyone was scrambling, looking for new jobs. Our customer base urged us to start anew and thus BEST Office Solutions was born! While Robin closed down the existing business with paperwork, taxes, etc., Sandi and her mom cleaned out, the soon to be, new location with 7 gallons of Clorox. This is how we earned our first month’s rent.

We started very humbly, with only a fax machine, a card table, and the customer list, which was purchased from the previous business. As we waited to get “all of our ducks in a row” to get started, we were taking orders while out to eat at local restaurants, at Wednesday night supper on napkins at church, and pretty much wherever we went! It seemed that everyone wanted to be our first customer and they were all so patient as we worked through the process. Finally, on January 3rd, 2000, we were officially open!

Since 2000, we have loved our jobs and we continue to work harder than ever. We still serve some of the customers that we served all those years ago and in fact, we employ some of those customers now! We have a very loyal team, and we all strive to do our best every day to take care of our devoted supporters.

We are very aware that these wonderful patrons “sign the paychecks” and we reiterate that fact in our team meetings, very often!

Without the best customers, we wouldn’t have had this wonderful journey and we are so grateful.

The future for Best Office Solutions looks brighter than ever, and we continue to strive every day to take the very best care of our team and our customers, so that we can all hold our heads high and sleep well at night. At BEST Office Solutions, it’s not just a job, it’s a passion!

BEST Team Vision

Best Office Solutions takes pride in fostering a culture of creativity and staying up-to-date with the latest design trends. Our primary goal is to become an essential partner to our customers by deeply understanding their needs and objectives. By doing so, we can deliver tailor-made solutions that leave a lasting impact on their brand and overall business.

Our diverse range of offerings includes promotional items, office products, signage, furniture, and décor. Each of these elements contributes to creating a positive and fulfilling work environment, where our customers’ productivity and satisfaction are at the forefront of our focus. 

At Best Office Solutions, we firmly believe in putting our customers at the heart of everything we do. Our commitment lies in designing an ideal workspace that caters to their specific requirements, providing them with products and furniture that enhance their work life positively. By ensuring our customers’ needs are met with precision and care, we strive to contribute significantly to their overall well-being and success in their professional endeavors.

BEST Team Values

Be dependable and communicative with customers and employees
We will Never say “It’s not my job”
BOS always goes above and beyond
Support one another and live the values
Be our own worst critic and constantly look to improve
Embrace growth and change.

What We Do

Best Office Solutions has built a business reputation of making customer service the number ONE priority.

We guarantee competitive pricing, customer satisfaction, and easy ordering process. We don’t get lost in the madness, we get to know YOU… the customer, by name not by account number.


The organizations that we work with and believe in us